An Innovative Product

Multiple Uses

Nasal Drip Pads were designed to promote comfort. Many people have adhesive allergies and cannot use tape. Tape does not adhere well to oily skin or skin with increased facial hair. Tape to the face is never a preferred option for dressing care. The stretchable ear-loops make the Nasal Drip Pad a better option for dressing the following:

Nasal Surgeries

Ease the recovery from surgeries like Sinuplasty, Septoplasty, & Rhinoplasty, etc.

Common Illnesses

Easily contain a runny nose or clear a stuffy nose with Vicks applied to the pad


Decreases potential spread of blood borne pathogens



Decrease irritation to the skin by reducing frequent use of tissues

It is not uncommon for patients to have “bloody” drainage for a few days after sinus surgery. Often times, the dressing will need to be changed frequently during the first 24 hours post-operatively. The Nasal Drip Pad is a convenient option for multiple dressing changes. The design of the Nasal Drip Pad also provides more flexibility than tape and gauze, allowing people to take off the dressing easily without “tearing” the skin as with tape removal.