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KAH Medical Supplies is pleased to offer a better solution to nasal dressings. The Nasal Drip Pad is an ultra-absorbent, user friendly, and (best of all) tape-free option for absorbing nasal drainage in various nasal recovery phases.

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What is it?

A Better Solution to Nasal Care

The Nasal Drip Pad is an innovative product created to help ease the recovery process of any nasal surgery or complication. Typically, after surgery, gauze pads are placed under the nose and taped in place. Tape is extremely uncomfortable and the adhesive may cause the skin to become very sensitive and irritated. Some benefits include:

  • Disposable/Single Use

  • Highly Absorbent

  • No Pain Sensitivity

  • One Size Fits Most

Our Testimonials

What People Say?

A simple, practical, inexpensive and patient-friendly alternative to those messy, poorly absorbent gauze pads
Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
Clinical Instructor, Head & Neck Surgery, UCLA
It was comfortable, absorbent, and easy to use. I wish I would have had the nasal drip pad from the beginning!
Tiffany Malloy, APRN
Patient and Family Nurse Practitioner
The nasal drip pad at school has been a very useful aid in helping the kids with nosebleeds!
Mellody Johnson, LPN
School Nurse in Ashland, KY
Why You Need it

Designed to Promote Comfort While Healing

Nasal Drip Pads were designed to promote comfort. Many people have adhesive allergies and cannot use tape. Tape to the face is simply never a preferred option for dressing care. The stretchable ear-loops make the Nasal Drip Pad a much better method for dressing the following:

  • Sinuplasty, Septoplasty, & Rhinoplasty surgeries

  • Nosebleeds

  • Any other procedure causing nasal drainage.

  • Runny Noses

  • Chronic Allergies

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