Benefits for Nosebleeds

Keep Children Safe

The Nasal Drip Pad is perfect for decreasing potential spread of blood borne pathogens as a direct result of nosebleeds. This product helps keep the desk, floor, and clothing clean during a nosebleed. The Nasal Drip Pad absorbs and prevents the spread of blood, making it a “must” in every school, including classrooms, PE classes, nurse stations, and sporting events.

Highly Absorbent

Rolled cotton keeps blood contained in the pad


With the blood contained, surfaces remain clean


Prevents soiled clothing, keeping children in school


Applied in seconds and is safe for all ages

What the People Say

Mellody Johnson, LPN

"Having the nasal drip pad at school has been a very useful aid in helping the kids with nosebleeds!! Less of a mess, not uncomfortable and convenient to use while trying to control and stop the nose bleed!! I would highly recommend the use of it for any school to have on hand for the nurse or teacher even to use!! Great product!!"